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International Union of Operating Engineers: Local 399
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Why didn't our Insurance pay this medical bill?



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Why didn't our insurance pay this medical bill?

If you have an EOB (Explanation of Benefits) from Local 399,
the reason code should be listed near the end of the statement.

It's most likely for one of these reasons:


                        1)   The charges were applied to your deductible
  2) The services provided are not covered under the 
H&W Plan







Our claims adminstrators at Elite Administration need
"accident/injury" information from you to confirm that a
3rd party should not be responsible for paying the bill
(for example, if you were injured at work).

You should receive a form in the mail about a week or
two after receiving the denied EOB.  If not, you may be 
able to give them the information they need via phone
at (312) 243-1265

If you do not have your EOB, please call Elite Administration
at (312) 243-1265